About Us

Foundation February,22,2002
Capital 99million yen
CEO Katsuyoshi Naito
Nature of Business 1.Development, manufacture, and sale of the optical components for optical communication systems
2.Development, manufacture, and sale of the measurement evaluation equipment and manufacture equipment of the optical components for optical communication systems
3.Development, manufacture, and sale of electronic communication equipment
Development products 1.Optical passive components with high performance
2.Small and high performance optical multiple functional module using optical passive and active components
3.Optical measurement and evaluation equipment
4.Manufacture equipment of optical passive components
Office Live Tower Musashiurawa 305 7-6-8 Bessyo ,minami ku ,saitama shi, Saitama, JAPAN, Zip# 336-0021
TEL +81-48-844-8899 FAX +81-48-844-8902 E-mail:info@optohub.com

Historical Timeline

2002-02 Founded OPTOHUB with investment of Mimaki Electronic Components Co., Ltd by engineers who spun out from OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
2003-04 Started manufacturing of BIDI modules for PON applications at Mimaki Electronic Component
2004-07 Started volume shipment of DFB-LD coaxial modules to GE-PON OLT application
2005-03 Marketed 3- and 8 wavelengths WDM modules
2005-04 Completed product design of EDFA modules and started business
2005-09 Marketed BIDI products for OTDR
2005-12 Started shipment of BIDI modules for GE-PON OLT application
2007-03 Marketed pigtailed modules in coaxial package
2007-06 Started shipment of CWDM TOSA to market
Marketed various types of optical switch products
2008-11 Co-development of synthetic green lasers for pico-projectors
2009-04 Started volume shipment of optical switch products
2009-07 Marketed light sources for image recognition applications
2010-10 Marketed single-channel rotary joint products
2011-03 Started shipment of optical sensor for bill recognition
2013-03 Marketed 4-wavelengths light sources in application for analytical uses
2014-03 Started shipment of high-power lasers for industrial applications
2014-04 Mimaki Electronic Components acquired 100% of OPTOHUB’s share
2015-01 Marketed single-channel rotary joint products
2016-04 Marketed optical transceivers
2016-06 Marketed of 4K/8K video transmission modules
2017-06 Competed product development of optical modules for underwater communication
2017-09 Marketed 4-channel 28Gbps BERT modules
2019-05 Started shipment of magnetic sensors
2019-07 Started product development of high-power light sources for projectors
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