Compact Testing Module: Portable/Low cost/Low power 4ch 28G BERT/CDR(EV-L001)

Inphi 100GE Quad channel CDR,IN012525-CQ is packaged
USB bus power operation(No external power supply required)
Communicate with PC via USB GUI software using Excel VBA is attached as command example
Support 9.95-14.025Gb/s and 20-28.2Gb/s(No external reference clock is required)
Support PRBS 7/9/15/23/31 for each channel individually
Programable power on sequence available which makes EV-L001 can be operated without PC
PRBS signal source and error checker for 100GE component testing
Portable ED/PPG for trade show and on site demonstration
Built-in PRBS source for 100GE optical signal generator

Detail: Datasheet

Variable output swing

Eye scan is available

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