Optical active modules-LD module,PD modules,BIDI,TriplexesOptical amplifiers-EDFA,ASE light source,(Size:MSA,1/2MSA,C-band/L-band),1.31um PDFA,1.49um TDFA,Polarization maintain EDFAOptical passive modules-3 wavelength WDM module,CWDM WDM module

A Solution Provider for Optical Integrated Circuits Based on Micro-Optics


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Core competency and Features

- Core competency -

  • Micro-Optics assembly
  • Optical simulation and lens design technology
  • YAG welding
  • Optical device handling technology
  • Electrical circuit

- Features -

  • Low loss, High return loss, High isolation
  • High reliability & Stability
  • Small foot print by Micro-Optics integration
  • Low power consumption
  • Optical module for telecom, instrumentation, bio and medical

We are the expert for Optical modules and Electrical circuits.
We will provide the solutions for you.
We are pleased to prepare custom designs for you.

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